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Volcano Season - Increased volcanism Worldwide/New activity in previously Dormant Exinct areas | dutchsinse

Volcano Season Update:


We have been following the increased uptick in volcanism worldwide for the past 6 months.  

The recent activity in Japan, South America, Iceland, Hawaii, and the new activity on the California/Nevada border has us very concerned.#Yellowstone continues to be an ongoing threat...

Special Map
Recent Earthquakes in Yellowstone National Park

As our previous post on Volcanism, we are watching Dormant and Extinct volcano systems worldwide show a Dramatic increase in activity.

An example of the possible distribution of ash from a month-long Yellowstone supereruption. The distribution map was generated by a new model developed by the U.S. Geological Survey using wind information from January 2001. The improved computer model, detailed in a new study published in Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, finds that the hypothetical, large eruption would create a distinctive kind of ash cloud known as an umbrella, which expands evenly in all directions, sending ash across North America. Ash distribution will vary depending on cloud height, eruption duration, diameter of volcanic particles in the cloud, and wind conditions, according to the new study. Credit: USGS

Also, with the Monitoring agency scrubbing data, such as a M5.5 #quake in a extinct volcano in Scotland, we need to be more vigilant on monitoring the feeds ourselves.
Stay Informed.
Stay Ready.

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10/22/2014 — TWO extinct volcanoes could blow in South America — Last erupted 160,000 yrs ago

by Michael Janitch

TWO volcanoes in South America could erupt any time ... last time they erupted 160,000 years ago!!!!

Now I think we can say things are getting a bit strange geologically.  The amount of unrest picking up is phenomenal to say the least:

The last eruption 160,000 years ago?   This now confirms that extinct / dormant volcanoes are showing activity.

Cerro Negro volcano, and Volcán Chiles volcanic complex  are located along the border of Columbia and Ecuador.  Both ancient volcanoes are  experiencing unrest ..... Authorities

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All American Sun Oven Giveaway - GetPrepped | NebShop/Prepared Bloggers

#GetPrepped Sun Oven Giveaway!!!

Win An All American Sun Oven Solar Cooker w Dehydrator Kit - #OffGridCooking

Sun Oven Giveaway
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The Terms

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Ebola Update: Breach in Protocol blamed for second infection in U.S. - Guidelines for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)- Kansas patient isolated | USA Today/CDC


University of Kansas Hospital isolates patient, runs Ebola tests

Official says patient at low to moderate Ebola risk+KMBC 9 News Kansas City 

6:45 PM CDT Oct 13, 2014 
The University of Kansas Hospital said a person who came into the hospital with a high fever and other serious symptoms has been placed in isolation and is undergoing tests.

The patient had recently worked on a medical boat off the western coast of Africa, the region hit hard by Ebola. Officials said the patient is a medic who had been treating patients with a lot of different types of illnesses.

The hospital said that while doctors can't rule out the possibility of Ebola, the patient is at a low to moderate risk. Dr. Lee Norman said many other diseases fit the patient's symptoms.

The patient had been sick on the medical boat but showed signs of recovery after returning to the United States. On Sunday, the patient started to feel worse and came to the hospital.

'Breach in protocol' caused second U.S. Ebola infection USA Today 

A Dallas health care worker who provided care for Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan who died there last week has tested positive for the deadly virus. VPC

Rick Jervis and John Bacon, USA TODAY9:17 p.m. EDT October 12, 2014

DALLAS — A health care worker who cared for the Ebola patient who died last week tested positive for the deadly virus, sending health officials scrambling Sunday to find the "breach in protocol" that resulted in her infection.

The woman was among caregivers for Thomas Eric Duncan, who died Wednesday at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. A state test finding that she had Ebola was confirmed Sunday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, making it the first known case transmitted in the U.S.

CDC chief Thomas Frieden said his agency will investigate how a worker in full protective gear contracted the virus.

"At some point there was a breach in protocol," Frieden said. "That breach in protocol resulted in this infection."

The White House said President Obama discussed the news with Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell, directing that the CDC "investigation into the apparent breach in infection-control protocols at the Dallas hospital move as expeditiously as possible."

Dallas Police officers stood sentry outside the two-story beige-brick apartment building Sunday in the leafy East Dallas neighborhood where the patient lived. Across the street, a scrum of news media lined up along the curb. A few neighbors wandered over to survey the scene.

In patient's neighborhood, business as usual — almost

Lynda Edwards, who lives down the street, said she became alarmed when helicopters began hovering overhead around 7 a.m. and news crews began arriving.

"It's scary," she said, adding that televised news conferences from the CDC haven't eased her fears.

"It doesn't sound like we have a plan," Edwards said. "The public needs to know what the plan is."

The phone call from the CDC of the Ebola confirmation reached Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings around midnight Saturday, triggering a new round of decontamination and new steps to reassure residents.

"I was disappointed but not surprised," Rawlings told USA TODAY. "The odds were we would have another one."

Fukushima Update: Typhoon Vongfong passes right over Nuclear Plant - Reports of massive Radiation release | ENENews/JMA

Fukushima Update:

Agency: Fukushima workers urgently trying “to prevent groundwater from leaking into ocean” — Levels of nuclear waste surge next to sea — #Strontium90 shatters previous record by over 5 Billion Bq/m3 — Now 25 million times EPA limit

Published: October 15th, 2014 at 1:00 am ET 
By ENENews 
Jiji Press, Oct. 14, 2014: Cesium Level Rises in TEPCO Plant Well — [TEPCO] on Tuesday reported a sharp rise in cesium levels in water collected from an observation well near the sea [on] Monday [with] a record 251,000 becquerels of radioactive cesium per liter, 3.7 times the cesium level… [last] Thursday… Monday’s reading was the highest level… from any of these wells… 
The samples in question also contained 7.8 million becquerels of beta particle-emitting radioactive substances, such as strontium-90, per liter, also a 3.7-fold increase.

ITAR-TASS (Russian News Agency), Oct. 14, 2014 (emphasis added): Highest radiation in ground water at Japan’s NPP after nuclear disaster… The highest radiation level was registered in subsoil water taken from a technical well at 1st and 2nd power units at Fukushima-1.., [TEPCO] said on Tuesday. The underground water sample was taken on October 13… Company’s experts said that a surge in radiation was linked with the impact of a typhoon raging in the locality, when heavy rain triggered spread of radiation-contaminated particles in underground water. Now nuclear plant’s specialists are pumping out ground water urgently to prevent it from leaking into the ocean.

Kyodo News, Oct 14, 2014 (Google translation): … record high values of cesium, the influence of the typhoon in Fukushima first nuclear power plant… from the water of the well in the seawall of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant Units 1 and 2 [cesium is 251,000] becquerels per liter… manganese 54 is… 700… cobalt 60 [is 3,600]… [TEPCO] found under the influence of typhoon No. 18 earlier this month, contaminated water that has accumulated in the piping has been spreading. Both record high values in groundwater…
Note that the most recent stontium-90 test results for well No. 1-6 published by Tepco on Oct. 1 show that levels of Sr-90 are virtually equal to Gross Beta. This means the Oct. 13 Sr-90 levels are near 7,800,000 Bq/L — 26,000,000 times the EPA limit for Sr-90 in water (0.3 Bq/L).


Typhoon #Vongfong heads right for Nuclear Plant as Massive #Radiation releases are recorded ahead of Storm...

BTW: M6.3 #quake hits Northern Japan ahead of Typhoon, not reported on #MassMarketMedia...

Typhoon Vongfong is seen in the Pacific Ocean as it approaches Japan's main islands on its northward journey, in this Moderate-Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (Reuters / NASA / Handout via Reuters)
Typhoon Vongfong is seen in the Pacific Ocean as it approaches Japan's main islands on its northward journey, in this Moderate - Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (Reuters / NASA / Handout via Reuters)
Japan Times: ‘Records shattered’ at #Fukushima — Radiation levels surge after typhoon — Tepco “doesn’t know why” this is happening — Warning “crisis could get worse” as 180 km/hr storm heading to area

Japan Times (Jiji Press), Oct. 12, 2014 (emphasis added): The radioactive water woes at [Fukushima] got worse over the weekend after the tritium concentration in a groundwater sample surged more than tenfold… [Tepco] said Saturday that heavy rain caused by Typhoon Phanfone probably affected the groundwater… [The] 150,000 becquerels… is a record for the well… [Beta ray emitters at the well] also shattered records with a reading of 1.2 million becquerels… close to the plant’s port in the Pacific… [Another well had] a record 2.1 million becquerels of a beta ray-emitting substance, nearly double the level from a week earlier… The cesium activity in the sample was 70 percent higher at 68,000 becquerels… Readings hit record highs at three points after the heavy rain caused by the typhoon, but the utility said it does not know why.

Perhaps it has something to do with this report just after the typhoon hit last weekend: Officials: Typhoon triggers alarm at Fukushima plant -- Warning of leakage at Reactor No. 1 turbine building -- Leak then detected at Reactor No. 3 -- Camera captures images of water pouring in after "very heavy rain" -- Powerful storm still packing gusts of up to 180 km/hr off Fukushima coast

Japan Times (Jiji Press), Oct. 12, 2014: The water crisis could get worse… Typhoon Vongfong… was still packing winds of up to 180 kph… The Meteorological Agency said it [would be] gradually losing strength as it races north toward Tohoku [which includes Fukushima.]

In fact, officials at the Japan Meteorological Agency forecast Vongfong’s wind speed to lose just 5-6 mph from it’s current level by the time it reaches Fukushima prefecture. See:  Typhoon winds up to 110 mph to hit Fukushima Daiichi, storm surge advisory issued -- Nearly all gov't forecasts show eye passing right over plant -- Nuclear Expert: Expect radioactive material washing into Pacific Ocean (MAPS)

Although not mentioned in the Japan Times’ report, a spike in Cobalt-60 was also seen after Typhoon Phanfone. The Co-60 concentration more  than doubled the record high for any well since Tepco began publishing results. See: Officials: Typhoon caused significant increase in radioactive releases from Fukushima -- Record levels of 'highly toxic' nuclear material found in ground outside reactor -- Among the most poisonous substances at plant

Typhoon winds up to 110 mph to hit Fukushima Daiichi, storm surge advisory issued — Nearly all gov’t forecasts show eye passing right over plant — Nuclear Expert: Expect radioactive material washing into Pacific Ocean (MAPS)

Forecast tracks show the center of Typhoon Vongfong over Fukushima Daiichi on Tuesday morning Oct. 14 (JapanU.S.Hong KongChinaTaiwan, and ensemble), Oct. 12, 2014:

Tropical Cyclone Information

Tropical cyclones do not necessarily move along the lines
connecting the centers of probability circles.
Unit: 1KT(knot) = 1.852 km/h = 0.5144 m/s
1NM(nautical mile) = 1.852 km
DW, Oct. 10, 2014: Is Fukushima capable of withstanding a super typhoon?
Nuclear expert Michael Maqua, Oct. 10, 2014: “Expect radioactive isotopes… transported into the groundwater or the sea… The main risk of the typhoon is… mainly [at] reactor 3… rain water will [likely] mix with the contaminated water in the basements of the reactor buildings and thus more radioactivity could be washed to the sea.”
Source Report:
Aerial View of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station - NHK - See more at:

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Pure Unfiltered Honey Giveaway | Coxs Honey/Prepared Bloggers

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Ebola Spain: Four people now being monitored for Ebola after Nurse contracted virus | NBC/Reuters

Ebola Spain Update:


A second nurse who also treated the missionary was put under quarantine after reporting diarrhea, but she did not have a fever, the most common early symptom of #Ebola, health officials said.


Four People Monitored in Spain on Suspicion of Ebola

MADRID — Four people, including the nurse who tested for Ebola on Monday, were hospitalized and being monitored over suspicion of potential contagion of the deadly disease, Spain's health authorities said on Tuesday. Officials for Madrid's health system told a news conference those hospitalized included the nurse's husband, a traveler from Nigeria and another health worker.

Officials also said the nurse, who did not leave Madrid during her vacations, was currently being treated with drip using antibodies from previous infected patients.

It was confirmed Monday that the nurse, who had cared for an Ebola patient who contracted the virus in Sierra Leone, was the victim of the first known transmission outside West Africa during the current epidemic.

First published October 7th 2014, 6:02 am

Why Spanish nurse is such a troubling Ebola case

A Spanish nurse infected with Ebola is moved to Carlos III Hospital from Alcorcon Hospital, Oct. 7, 2014 in Alcorcon, Spain.  GETTY
Last Updated Oct 7, 2014 6:38 AM EDT
NEW YORK -- In a case underscoring the perils of caring for Ebola patients, a nurse in Spain has come down with the disease -- the first time someone has caught the disease outside West Africa during the current epidemic.
The nurse was part of the medical team that treated a 69-year-old Spanish priest, Manuel Garcia Viejo, who died in a Madrid hospital late last month, Spain's health minister said Monday.
Spain's head of public health, Mercedes Vinuesa, told parliament Tuesday that the nurse's husband was also taken into quarantine, according to the Reuters news agency, but it wasn't immediately clear whether he was showing signs of infection himself, or if the move was just a precaution.
Officials at the hospital in Madrid where the nurse was being treated said 22 people she had come into contact with had been identified and were being monitored. Spanish officials said two other people had been admitted to hospital and quarantined with symptoms which raised fears of possible Ebola infection.
The sick priest had been flown home from his post in Sierra Leone; the nurse is believed to have contracted the virus from him. She went to a Madrid hospital with a fever Sunday, 10 days after the priest died, and was placed in isolation. She was transferred early Tuesday to Madrid's Carlos III hospital, where the priest -- and a second missionary priest sick with Ebola -- were cared for until they died.
The World Health Organization confirmed there has not been a previous transmission outside West Africa in the current outbreak.
According to Reuters, an official at the Carlos III hospital said the nurse was being given antibodies via a drip from a previous Ebola patient in the country.
The nurse's illness illustrates the danger that health care workers face not only in poorly equipped West African clinics, but also in the more sophisticated medical centers of Europe and the United States, said Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt University.

Nuclear Update: “Enormous orange flash” seen around suspected Nuclear site as mysterious explosion rocks one of world’s largest cities | ENENews/NY Times

Nuclear Event Alert:


NYTimes: “Enormous orange flash” seen around suspected nuclear site as mysterious explosion rocks one of world’s largest cities — US Gov’t: We are “monitoring the situation closely” — Reports: Windows broken 9 miles away, all trees burned over large area (PHOTO)

Islamic Republic News Agency (Iran’s official news agency) Oct 6, 2014: 
Fire at explosives factory in eastern Tehran — Defense Industries Organization reported on Monday that fire broke out in an explosives producing factory in eastern Tehran [23rd most populated urban area in world]… Two workers were killed…

Wall St. Journal, Oct 6, 2014: 
U.S. officials said Monday that they are closely monitoring developments at or near a military complex outside Tehran… officials have long been concerned that Iran’s Parchin military complex played a role in what they charge was the government’s effort to develop nuclear weapons. .. “We are aware of reports of an explosion at or near the Parchin military facility in Iran,” said [National Security Council spokeswoman] Bernadette Meehan… The NSC [said] officials “are monitoring the situation closely.”

New York Times, Oct 6, 2014: 
A mysterious explosion at or near an important military complex rocked the Iranian capital on Sunday, lighting up the skies over the city. Iranian official sources denied the explosion had taken place at the complex… the enormous orange flash that illuminated Tehran… clearly came from that direction, several witnesses said. Officials at Iran’s Defense Industries Organization [confirmed] “an ordinary fire” caused by “chemical reactions”… Witnesses [said] all trees in a hundred-yard radius of two villages… had been burned… [IAEA] Inspectors… were given access to Parchin in 2005, but they have since been refused follow-up inspections. The agency is still seeking access to the site, where it suspects Iran of having conducted high-explosive experiments related to nuclear weapon research…


USA Today, Oct 6, 2014: 
Blast kills 2 at suspected Iranian nuclear site… Sahamnews described the incident as an explosion near Parchin that shattered windows 9 miles away… [IAEA] has sought access to the Parchin military complex… since it was provided documents that described alleged nuclear detonator tests at the site… investigators described “a large explosive containment vessel” at the site… according to a confidential report obtained by [AP]…

The Atlantic, Oct 6, 2014: The timing and location… should raise more than a few questions… late last month, Israel accused Iran of conducting nuclear implosion tests at [Parchin]… Miraculously enough, on Monday, reports broke about an incident that took place at or near the Parchin site… It’s widely believed that the United States and Israel have engaged in a heavy regimen of sabotage against the suspected Iranian nuclear program including… computer viruses, the assassination of nuclear scientists, and a series of mysterious explosions… This development comes just hours before Iran and the [IAEA] were reportedly set to meet in Tehran… If the episode in Iran is some kind of sub-rosa attack, the timing couldn’t be better.

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Yellowstone Update: Major Sulphur Dioxide release, Magma movement - 'Is there a Volcano Season?' | seis.utah/UCL

#Yellowstone Update:

Mexico's #Popocatépetl Volcano is Erupting with violent explosions over the last 36 hours.
En total, detalló el órgano científico, se presentaron seis explosiones, acompañadas de tremor armónico y 110 exhalaciones en las últimas 24 horas. Registra el Popocatépetl seis explosiones y fumarola de 2 km. El Sexenio
None of which is being reported in the #MainStreamMedia - Popocatépetl is 50 miles SE of Mexico City... 
El volcán Popocatépetl registró la mañana de este lunes una explosión que generó una fumarola de dos kilómetros de altura sobre el cráter, informó el Centro Nacional de Prevención de Desastres (Cenapred), quien alertó sobre posible caída de ceniza en poblaciones ubicadas al este, en los Estados de Puebla y Morelos. 


Major Release of Sulphur Dioxide and more Magma movement detected. Is there a Volcano Season???

As it is increasingly Difficult at best to real time data via the USGS feeds, you are on your own to determine how to best prepare for a #YellowstoneSupervolcano Eruption or #Quakeswarm.
We also have been monitoring an increase in Volcanism worldwide recently and are sharing a recent article via University College London about a possibility of #VolcanoSeason.

Stay Alert.
Be Prepared.

Mary Greeley
Published on Oct 4, 2014
WOW Yellowstone Super Volcano MAJOR Release of Sulfur Dioxide Gas

Special Map
Update time = Tue Oct 7 11:00:01 MDT 2014
Here are the earthquakes appearing on this map, most recent at top ...

        y/m/d     h:m:s     deg     deg     km

 1.2  2014/10/06 14:55:53 44.833N 111.010W  8.2   20 km (13 mi) NNE of  West Yellowstone, MT
 1.5  2014/10/05 13:41:17 44.240N 110.788W  4.4   44 km (28 mi) ENE of  Warm River, ID
 0.2  2014/10/05 01:52:01 44.757N 111.128W 11.0   11 km ( 7 mi) N   of  West Yellowstone, MT
 0.9  2014/10/04 09:18:33 44.356N 110.977W  5.5   33 km (20 mi) ESE of  Island Park, ID
 0.9  2014/10/04 06:25:03 44.822N 110.817W  4.1   25 km (16 mi) SSW of  Gardiner, MT
 0.4  2014/10/04 03:02:16 44.789N 111.163W 11.1   15 km ( 9 mi) NNW of  West Yellowstone, MT
 0.3  2014/10/04 02:40:28 44.789N 111.157W 11.3   15 km ( 9 mi) NNW of  West Yellowstone, MT
 1.1  2014/10/04 02:05:06 44.368N 110.994W  5.1   31 km (19 mi) ESE of  Island Park, ID
 1.2  2014/10/04 01:54:02 44.377N 110.999W  5.8   30 km (19 mi) ESE of  Island Park, ID
 1.4  2014/10/04 01:49:04 44.358N 111.045W  1.9   28 km (17 mi) SE  of  Island Park, ID
 1.2  2014/10/04 01:45:17 44.373N 111.001W  7.5   30 km (19 mi) ESE of  Island Park, ID
 0.7  2014/10/04 01:44:53 44.384N 111.025W  8.9   28 km (17 mi) ESE of  Island Park, ID
 1.0  2014/10/04 01:38:17 44.739N 111.020W  7.3   11 km ( 7 mi) NE  of  West Yellowstone, MT
 1.5  2014/10/04 01:35:15 44.370N 111.000W  7.0   30 km (19 mi) ESE of  Island Park, ID
 1.1  2014/10/04 01:34:24 44.366N 111.029W  2.2   29 km (18 mi) ESE of  Island Park, ID
 1.2  2014/10/04 01:31:00 44.360N 110.973W  1.1   33 km (20 mi) ESE of  Island Park, ID
 0.4  2014/10/03 07:14:22 44.791N 110.772W  2.1   28 km (17 mi) S   of  Gardiner, MT
 0.3  2014/10/02 18:25:00 44.780N 111.089W  7.2   13 km ( 8 mi) N   of  West Yellowstone, MT
 0.6  2014/10/02 18:12:30 44.782N 111.088W  8.3   13 km ( 8 mi) N   of  West Yellowstone, MT
 0.5  2014/10/01 05:03:08 44.747N 111.116W 13.4    9 km ( 6 mi) N   of  West Yellowstone, MT
 0.4  2014/09/30 16:47:06 44.757N 111.127W 11.1   11 km ( 7 mi) N   of  West Yellowstone, MT

August 27, 2014

The likelihood of a volcanic supereruption from Yellowstone, or any other location on Earth, remains very low in any given year, yet the U.S. Geological Survey is frequently asked about the likely thickness and distribution of ash deposits if Yellowstone were to erupt. This prompted USGS scientists to use a new computer model called Ash3D to simulate the distribution of volcanic ash from a hypothetical large explosive eruption at Yellowstone. A research paper explaining the results was published in Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems on August 27, 2014, and we have developed some FAQ to help explain the background to this study.
The researchers discovered that during very large volcanic eruptions, ash transport is dominated by a rapidly expanding umbrella cloud that results in significant distribution of ash upwind from the volcanic vent. "In essence, the eruption makes its own winds that can overcome the prevailing westerlies that normally dominate weather patterns in the United States," explained USGS geologist Larry Mastin, first author on the manuscript and co-developer of the computer model. "This helps explain the distribution from large Yellowstone eruptions of the past, where considerable amounts of ash reached the west coast." The authors also note that a fraction of an inch or less of ash is likely to be deposited at distances further than 1500 miles, such as on the east and west coasts of the United States. To learn more, please read our Frequently Asked Questions about the model and its application to Yellowstone.

Could there really be such a thing as Volcano season?

By Robin Wylie, University College London
Some think it’s the time of the year. EPA

The Earth seems to have been smoking a lot recently. Volcanoes are currently erupting in Iceland, Hawaii, Indonesia and Mexico. Others, in the Philippines and Papua New Guinea, erupted recently but seem to have calmed down. Many of these have threatened homes and forced evacuations. But a